The TNF Quiz Competition

The TNF Quiz Competition

The TNF Quiz Competition is a yearly project, organized by my foundation, TARE NURTURE FOUNDATION, for bright, but, underprivileged primary school pupils from five NIGER-DELTA STATES in Nigeria. (RIVERS, DELTA, BAYELSA, EDO and CROSS-RIVER States)

In the competition, the participants will be asked questions in MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH LANGUAGE, SCIENCES AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE.

The best-two pupils from the competition will be awarded 100% (FULL) Scholarship to a good private secondary school in the country. the award will cover every financial commitments of the students in the whole secondary school years (from JSS1 to SS3 Classes).

Cash prizes will also be given to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th positions from the competition.

 The schools of the Top-Three pupils from the competition will also be given some educational materials/ equipment.

This year, the competition will be organized for pupils in government primary schools from three Local government Areas (LGA) in Bayelsa State. (namely: Tungbo LGA, Sagbama LGA, and Yenogoa LGA).

For now, Our focus is on the Niger-Delta States because we want to see how we can sift, conserve and nurture some intellectual-minds from the Niger-Delta region, which has been notoriously known for youth-violence and radical militancy.