Project Details


Birth Kings Ltd successfully completed 5 weeks of Foundational and Life Skills training for 150 delegates from the office of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta. The delegates were trained in English Language, Mathematics, Information technology and Life Skills in preparation for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in various universities in the United Kingdom.

The English language curriculum covered such topics as Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Use of Capital Letters, Auxiliary Verbs, Speaking Skills, Listening Skills and Writing Skills. The Students who were at the top of their class included Dein-Ere Irene Egbekun, Flora EgiabaiAsieri, Joy Dimaro and Christiana EdisemiIjeh

Delegates were also trained in Mathematics and covered such topics as Number Bases, Significant Figures, Decimal Places, Order of Magnitude and Whole Numbers. Fractions, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Principals, Ratios and Commission were also taught.

The Information Technology sessions started with introduction to Microsoft word. The class was interesting as the participants were able to create word document, format texts and insert images in a word document. Also, they created power point slides and applied transitions to their slides. The overall performance of the class was very satisfactory.

As one of our Life Skills segments, there was a presentation on Health and Hygiene. Delegates were educated on steps necessary to ensure that they were taking good care of themselves and were not involved in any habits that would jeopardize their health. It is hoped that through the knowledge disseminated to the delegates they would make more positive health choices as well as curb habits that may lead to some of the diseases examined. It is also hoped that they would be able to transfer the same information to family and friends. There was also a presentation to the delegates on Sex Education. Career Development Sessions were quite interactive and the delegates got a lot of good information to help them with their future goals.

To ensure that the delegates are prepared for life overseas and the first degree/masters programs they were about to embark on, we had another session on Etiquette as it pertains to travel, telephone and behavioural etiquette. It was an interactive session with a few role-plays to ensure that the delegates were comfortable with topics discussed.

We had a presentation facilitated by one of Birth Kings Executives, a UK Consultant, to address some of the laws peculiar to the United Kingdom in our Foreign Orientation session. He went over customs and immigration processes for entry into the United Kingdom as well as cultural, economic and social life in the United Kingdom.