Project Details


Birth Kings Limited successfully completed a 2 months foundational training of the 87 self-named delegates (Pacesetters) of the Presidential Amnesty Program on Thursday May 30th, 2013. Based on the reports received from our facilitators, the delegates have grown in leaps and bounds not only in academic but also in life skills.

The delegates showed steady progress in the English and Mathematics classes. They were taught percentages and fractions; and facilitators used real life examples such as a pizza pie to drive home their lessons. There has definitely been a marked improvement in the mathematical skills of the delegates and testimonies abound how the training has changed their perception of mathematics. Information technology sessions started with introduction to computers through manipulative files and folders. In order to ensure that they are prepared for further education in the UK or anywhere in the world for that matter, the delegates were also taught Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point and internet browsing. Delegates used these skills in delivering their presentations weekly and have done a marvellous job with those presentations. As one of our Life Skills segments, there was a presentation on healthy living and the importance of being proactive in taking care of one’s self. Birth King Limited purchased Digital Sphygmomanometers to measure blood pressure and Glucometers to measure blood glucose levels of all the delegates as part of the health and wellness segment. The presentation was quite educative and the tests done on the delegates helped drive home points expressed during this segment. There was also a presentation to the delegates on Sex Education. Ample time was spent on explaining what kinds of diseases can be transmitted due to unsafe sex habits. The delegates were also encouraged to take a HIV/Aids test

As part of our profiling of the delegates, it was deemed necessary to provide some training on Anger Management and the session was very useful to the delegates. Our facilitator had quite an interactive session as he defined what it meant to manage anger. He emphasized that Anger Management is a choice. He explained the triggers of anger and encouraged the delegates to be aware of those triggers but to choose to respond to those triggers positively so as not to exacerbate situations that could lead to major outbursts. To ensure that the delegates are prepared for life overseas and the vocational studies they were about to embark on, we had another session on etiquette as it pertains to travel, telephone and behavioural etiquette. It was also an interactive session with a few role-plays to ensure that the delegates were comfortable with the topics discussed.

We had a presentation facilitated by one of the Birth Kings Executives, a UK Consultant, to address some of the laws peculiar to the United Kingdom. He went over customs and immigration processes for entry into the United Kingdom as well as cultural, economic and social life there. It was also necessary to facilitate a presentation on Time management. The delegates were taught to set short term and long term goals which will help them to be focused and avoid procrastinating. They were also encouraged to grasp time management principles because it will enable them lead successful and productive lives.

We had opportunities to celebrate birthdays as a way to bond with the delegates. We also recognized teams with the best presentations on Fridays and it was amazing to see how much work the delegates put into these presentations. The delegates, pacesetters, graduated successfully and received their certificates of completion in the Foundation Training and Life Skills Program from Birth Kingsand in Information Technology from the prestigious NIIT firm. They entertained the audience with songs, skits and dances.